Make sure that you have all homework from the weekend
completed before going to school, help younger brothers and
sisters get ready, be helpful to your parents (They have enough
trouble just making a living so that all the family can eat and
have a place to live and clothes to wear). Turn in your
homework as soon as you can in the mornings.
Make sure your homework is complete and that you turn it in
as soon as you can at school. Try to be friendly at all times
because others have their own worries without your adding to
them with a bad attitude. Help others with their work if the
teacher thinks that you can.
Turn in your homework and get ready to help another person
do something good today. Try to do a RANDOM ACT OF
KINDNESS today. That means try to help someone just
because you can.
Turn in homework early because the teacher has to grade it
before going home for the night. Make sure that you get several
books to carry home to read over the weekend. You can do
that in the evening just before bed or first thing in the morning
during breakfast. Try to get younger brothers and sisters
interested in reading too. That way they will have an easier time
when they get to where you are now.
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Welcome, Please, Look us over
I would like to thank Trucker Buddy
for all the hard work they do to keep
this wonderful organization running.
Make sure that your homework is ready to turn in this
morning as soon as you get to school. Help straighten up
around the classroom before class and then behave all day.
Make this a day to be proud of. Discuss with your parents
what you learned today when you all get home.
Women in Trucking
Helping women that are associated
with the trucking industry. It helps
them with issues concerning
workplace, equipment and personal.
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